5 Things That Make Brevard County Stand Out

Things That Make Brevard County Great

Brevard County is a cool place. Hey, it’s the home of Doghouse, so it has to be right? Kidding aside, this area is an amazing place to call home and has some unique things that make it great. Here are five things that make Brevard County stand out.

brevard county  factsIt’s the Gateway to the Final Frontier

Brevard County is perhaps most famous as the gateway to space. Of everything that makes this amazing county stand out against all others, the presence of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center has to be top of the list!

Before NASA, Brevard was an agricultural county, focusing on citrus production. When the Air Force arrived in the 1950s the area began to boom, but the notoriety came full-force when the county became the heart of the Cold War space race. In fact, during the Apollo programs history, the population of the county soared by almost 250,000!

Today, the Apollo missions may be a thing of history, but the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is still home to the space program and the famous shuttles that touch down here.

One of Archeology’s Greatest Discoveries Was Made Here

When something thinks of where the greatest archeological discoveries were made, they may imagine the Middle East, Egypt, or even Peru. But what if I was to tell you that one of the most significant archeological finds was made right here in Brevard County? It’s true – in Titusville, no less!

In 1982, a backhoe operator named Steve Vanderjagt was digging in what would eventually become known as Windover Farms and dug up some incredibly old human remains. How old? According to Florida Frontiers, part of the Florida Historical Society, the remains were some of the earliest human remains ever found – between 7,000 and 8,000 years old! That’s over 3,000 years older than King Tut and 2,000 years older than the Great Pyramids themselves!

Our People Are Friendly, But Our Industry is Salty

Salt is big business in Brevard County. It’s the home of Morton Salt, which is based in Port Canaveral. Morton Salt produces over 200,000 tons of pool, premium water softener, agricultural salts, and sea salts annually. The salt is originally from the Bahamas, where it is then shipped to Port Canaveral for processing. This makes sense, as Port Canaveral is one of the biggest cruise ship ports in the world – and one of the busiest ports in the Southeast!

Jim Morrison Is from Here

The legendary singer of The Doors was a Brevard boy through and through. Jim Morrison was born and raised in Melbourne. In fact, his childhood home is still standing to this day. It’s something of a tourist trap for those in the know and who can’t get enough of the sounds of the sixties. Just a friendly, reminder, however: someone lives there, so if you want to check it out, don’t be creepy!

It’s Got Some of the Best Food This Side of Chicago

You didn’t think we’d go through this whole list of what makes Brevard stand out from the rest, without mentioning our incredible pizzas and eats, did you?

At Doghouse Pizza, we offer the very best Chicago has to offer. I’ve traveled the U.S. learning all aboutgreat food – from culinary school in Chicago to working in kitchens in the Pacific Northwest and Denver, to now down in sunny Melbourne. Through all these journeys, however, one thing stayed with me – my passion for the food I grew up with in the Midwest.

That’s what makes Doghouse Pizza so great – it isn’t just another “wannabe” Chicago joint – we’re the real deal! From Horseshoes to Chicago thin crust pizza, from Gobblers to Gut Busters, from Gyros to Poutine – I’m bringing the Midwest to Florida.

So, stop in today and see why Doghouse Pizza is the place that Melbourne knows for great food, great fun, and great atmosphere!