Three Fun Facts About the Club Sandwich

facts about club sandwich

“You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub.”  As cool as these lyrics are from 50 Cent’s 2003 hit song  ‘In Da Club’, believe it or not, they have absolutely nothing to do with the Club Sandwich.   But you’ll definitely want to be a member of our lit club here at Doghouse Pizza –  home to our famous Triple-Decker Club, and so much more. Yep. It’s where you ‘wanna be!  The Club Sandwich has an interesting past and we just have to share it with you.  Here now, are Three Fun Facts About the Club Sandwich. Get ready to chew on this!

What Is a Club Sandwich?

The Club Sandwich is definitely one of your fancier sandwiches. But you don’t have to be fancy to eat and enjoy one. Traditionally, it’s made with three slices  – yes, three slices – of (toasted) bread and two layers of filling. Here’s what that typically looks like: bottom layer – turkey; top layer – bacon, lettuce, and tomato (yes, BLT); and cheese, which is optional. We did say traditionally. Pay attention.

FUN FACT#1: The Club’s Gambling Past

The Club Sandwich, a classic, is one of the most popular sandwiches on earth, and it has an interesting history. You might even say it has a sordid history and past.  Most sandwich experts agree that its roots are in the gambling business. As the story goes, the Club Sandwich was invented in the late 19th century in a members-only gambling club in Sarasota Springs, New York, by line cook Danny Mears. Why is it called a “Club Sandwich,” you ask? Because it was invented in a club! DUH! Now you got it, right? Let’s move on…

FUN FACT#2: The Club’s Transformation

The Club Sandwich has evolved from its simple beginnings. Now you can find all types of meats or veggies in the sandwich, some of which don’t even feature a middle slice of bread. You carb-counting fanatics should love that! And, while the traditional white sandwich bread was the go-to bread for this extraordinary sandwich back in the day,  now, it’s made with all types of bread (although still mostly toasted, though).

We won’t hate if you veer away from the traditional club. Here at ‘da Doghouse Pizza Club, you’d be wise to bet on our Triple-Decker Club: slow-roasted turkey, house-baked ham, bacon, cheddar-cheese, LTO (lettuce, tomato, onion) Whuttt? Yep, it’s like that. We totally get why our tribe loves it. It’s r-e-a-l tasty!

FUN FACT#3: The Club’s BFF

Now – let’s talk BFFs. Which popular side-dish is the ride-or-die for your club sandwich? If you didn’t guess potato chips, you are so weak.  And if you did – BRAVO! It’s been said that potato chips, the Club Sandwich’s BFF were also invented in 1853 – and yes – also in Sarasota Springs, N.Y. You can’t make this stuff up!

We’ll Handle Your Craving

Now that you know more than you probably ever wanted to know about the Club Sandwich, doesn’t it make you want to have one even more? That’s what we thought? We got ‘chu! Come on in and grab a Triple-Decker Club. And if that doesn’t float your boat, no worries. We have so-o-o-o many incredible, delicious items on our menu.

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