Music and Food: What You Listen to Matters

music and food

Few things are better than hearing one of your favorite songs. We know what that’s like, here at Doghouse Pizza. We’re talking about music, which is part of our electric and eclectic atmosphere. Like the food selections on our menu, we offer a lot of variety, and it’s all good.  You’ll hear everything from Phish to Classic Rock and Funk. We be groovin’. And it seems that you – our posse, groove right along with us, as you chow down on your favorite food. But did you know that the music you listen to while eating here can help you enjoy and devour your dish even more? Yep. And there’s research to prove it.

The Connection Between Music and Food

The proof is in the pizza – or the pudding. You get our drift. One study after another touts a connection between restaurant music and our eating habits. Research shows the music can influence how long we stay at the restaurant, as well as how much we eat, and whether or not you’ll come back for more.

Beats and Eats at Doghouse Pizza

A study in India showed that “Indian and Chinese restaurants prefer to play soft music, while fast food and Thai restaurants prefer hard rock and this correlates with what consumers in those establishments expect.”  Another study found that easy listening music could decrease a restaurant’s sales.  And, a study from a culinary group found that food tastes better to diners when they’re listening to classical music playing softly in the background. You won’t hear any classical vibes playing softly up in here, and yet our customers tell us our food is jamming!  

Another study highlighted the effects of background noise on our perception of sweetness and saltiness in dishes.  And get this – restaurants that don’t play any music at all, run the risk of alienating their customers. There will be no shade up in Doghouse Pizza, ‘cause we get our jams on – playing something for everyone’s taste buds: Grateful Dead, Phish, Funk, Reggae, Classic Rock. We don’t take sides.

Peep Our Jams and Our Food

We love our vibes here, and we’re sure that you will, too! You should plan to stop by and see us and enjoy our eats and our beats. We’re the best pizza and sandwich joint in Melbourne.  And we know it’s not always possible for you to come to us. No worries – we’ll bring the food to you.  If you live within a mile of us, you can call us directly at 321-610-3050. But if you’re more than a mile away, oh there will still be food.  We offer delivery service through our bite squad.

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In the meantime, check out our Facebook page, and drop us a note or two.  And to sing a familiar “tune” – LIKE us on Facebook. We’ll see you soon. We’re confident you’ll find that our food and our music are dope, and they both will keep you coming back for more!  While here, feel free to jam along with us. Here at Doghouse Pizza, we love vibing with our customers!