What is the Perfect Chicken Wing Sauce?

perfect chicken wing sauce

Americans love chicken wings. The average meat eater downs nearly 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime, according to a 2017 poll. Who can resist a delicious chicken wing, dripping in sauce? You’ll find chickens wings being served up everywhere, from bottomless buffets to sports bars, to wedding receptions, and so many more joints or events. At DogHouse Pizza, we don’t just serve chicken wings, we serve chicken WANGS.

What’s the difference? Our wangs are lit!

DogHouse Wangs!

If you think all chicken wings are the same, guess again. Our wangs are coated in one of our house-made specials: BBQ, Dry Rub, Wang Sauce, Sweet Chili or if you like hot THUNDER PUNCH! Doesn’t that sound tasty? Our customers love our chicken wangs and order them again, and again, and again.  Naturally, on the menu, they get a DogHouse Favorite Item star. Our chicken wangs are kickin’! They’re yet another “must-have” from our menu.

Drumettes vs Flats

Before we dip into a pot of wing sauce, let’s first jump on the chicken wings, themselves. You’ll find them with or without the skin, and either baked, fried, or grilled. The two main parts of a chicken wing are the drumette (drum), and the wingette, also called the wing or the flat part.

And what’s the best part of the wing? That’s up for discussion and depends on who you ask.  One poll has flats edging out drums 52 to 47 percent. Here’s some advice: if you love drumettes, makes friends with someone who loves flats. That way you’re never fighting over the last one.   

Wing Sauces Galore

Chances are, you’ve tasted a classic chicken wing sauce – Buffalo sauce, typically made of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, white vinegar, butter, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and salt. Sound familiar? And the sauce party takes off from there. Sweet, spicy, or tangy are the typical base flavors, the launching pad, if you will for the main event: the actual sauces themselves.

Here are some common sauces: Jerk, Sriracha, Jalapeno, Chili, Orange-glazed, Barbecue, Chipotle, and Maple-Chipotle. They all sound cool. But you haven’t tasted real chicken wing sauce until you’ve tasted our sauce – you can choose from BBQ to thunder punch. Is your mouth watering yet?

Have Your Own Wing Fest With Us

We would love for you and your family and friends to dine with us, where you’ll find good food, great vibes, and incredible music. You’re gonna’ love our jams!  And you have options on getting our grub. You can call in your order at 321-610-2050 and come in and pick it up, or have your food delivered.  We have so many savory, delicious dishes on our menu.

Trust us when we tell you there’s something for everyone. We have pizza, a wide selection of sandos, burgers, and salads. But now – back to our amazing chicken wangs. Topped you’re your favorite sauce, you’re gonna love them.  And who knows, you might just be inspired to post your wangs on your Facebook or Instagram account. ‘Don’t forget to tag us! We’ll see you soon!